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Your Watch Is Like Cash

WatchArtExchange is your only choice to convert your watch into the most cash.


Whether you own  a Patek, a Rolex, an Omega, or any other Luxury Watch, we are here to help you get the most value from your treasure.

Updated: Apr 28


Watchartexchange has a 5 year warranty on all Sales and Repairs.

Ebay or Chrono24 or even PayPal will not be there to help you after the sale, especially if the watch is worn.

Watchartexchange is not another reseller.

Watchartexchange is a complete watch company that manufactures and repairs luxury watches.

We will be there long after the sale or repair.

Our watches are one-of-a-kind in their mint condition.

Don't be fooled by overexposed photos on other websites.

Ask us for advice before you buy anywhere.

We have heard plenty of horror stories.

A good quality used watch doesn't have to look or work like a scratched up watch that doesn't keep good time.

Our watches are indistinguishable from new at a fraction of the price.

Our repaired watches are indistinguishable from new at a very reasonable price.

You pay a little more, but our watches are worth so much more.

Dozens of reviews.



Which Watch to Buy

Watch Advisor

Our Watches

Ten Commandments of WatchArtExchange

  1. 5 year warranty

  2. Lifetime Exchange

  3. 100% Authenticity

  4. 100% Original

  5. Direct Communication with Simon

  6. 14 Days turn around time

  7. All in house work

  8. World class dial restoration

  9. No over-polishing

  10. LASER repair of case and bracelet


WatchArtExchange is the Costco of watches:

Sales as low as 10% above our cost

Lifetime Trade In

5 year warranty

Lifetime Warranty (if serviced every 5 years)

Our watches are in showroom condition, like new, never worn.

We cost a little more, but we are worth so much more.

Service is the best in the world.

Turn your used watch into a family treasure.

Make your watch new again.


Our 1200 watches for sale don't exist in the marketplace, not in their perfect condition. Each watch is unique and one-of-a-kind.

We can make your watch perfect, also. We are one of the best watch repair companie in the world. We are a group of world class artisans. All work in house. Nothing is impossible: we manufacture crystals, we completely restore dials to factory perfection,

we restore cases of Stainless or Gold with LASER, we offer the highest quality hand made bands.

Watchartexchange is your complete watch company.


Crazy idea: we plan to advertise jobs!

People that own watches are often leaders of industries.

People that own watches tend to be the best employees and entrepreneurs.

Why not create a webpage for employers and employees to post

their jobs and resume.

We plan to start small.

Some examples:

1. Let's say you are an anesthesiologist and

are planning to spend 10 days in NYC. In the old days you would attend a conference

for the tax deduction. Why not work for one day in a nearby hospital or surgery center.

The money you would make in one day would pay for most of your trip!

2. Tax season is coming up. Suppose you are an accountant and want to make some extra money. Why not take on some extra work and make good money.

We hope that this marketplace will benefit our members.

The idea is to make extra money by moonlighting.

Stay tuned.


We sell factory condition watches.

We restore watches to factory condition.

Over 1200 examples of perfectly restored watches

for sale on our website.

3 year warranty

Why settle for less. You worked hard for your money!

Buy on eBay or Chrono24 and restore with us to factory condition.

Save money and grief by asking us first before you buy.

For medical advice ask a Doctor. For watch advice, ask a

Master Watchmaker.


Why buy a vintage watch?

There are many reasons.

Many people buy vintage watches to celebrate their birthday. To buy

a watch that has been around as long as they have is pretty cool.

Many people buy a vintage watch to impress their friends. Vintage watches

are rare now on people's wrists. They spark a conversation. Maybe a vintage

watch will help you impress that girl.

A vintage watch is subtle elegance that only insiders are aware of in the corporate

boardroom, while everyone else has the same Submariner.

Whatever your reason for owning a vintage watch,

just remember, only WatchArtExchange can make it like new again.

Welcome to our company.

We will be here for you today and the many years to come!

Watch Collectors

WatchArtExchange is uniquely qualified to

help you get the most value from your watches.

No one else can do what we do.

Look at our website with more than 1200 vintage

watches restored to perfect condition.

We create wealth!


We are your complete watch company:

Buy, Sell, Repair/Restore your watch to factory condition with us.

World Class watches. World class repairs.

Free listing on our website with professional photos.

Three Year (3) Warranty on all sales and repairs.

Your watch is valuable, keep it that way.

Your watch is like cash.

Make a bid, you never know

Most Americans are accustomed to paying full price.

When you go to the supermarket, shop on Amazon, or shop at Costco,

you see the price that you are going to pay, and you pay it. No questions


The real world does not work like that.

Your supermarket negotiated the best price for the groceries they plan to sell.

Amazon and Costco also did the same with their vendors. They all try to get the

best price.

This is also true in jewelry and watches.

We encourage all of our customers to make a bid for any of our watches. We have over

1500 watches on our website and we work with a dozen jewelry stores to find you almost any watch.

Our prices tend to be higher than eBay or Chrono24 because our watches are different.

Our vintage watches are in perfect condition and come with a 3 year warranty.

You won't find our watches anywhere else. We challenge you.

Just like stock prices, watch prices fluctuate based on supply and demand.

Don't be afraid.

Make a bid, you never know!


Some of you have asked me about bitcoin and how luxury watches compare as an asset class.

No one knows the future of bitcoin. It is true that the SEC just approved a Spot ETF on bitcoin (01/10/24), and the expectation is that bitcoin will go to a million dollars per coin, but the value of bitcoin actually dropped from almost $49K (01/11/24) to now $42K (01/13/24) on the news!

Experts all tell us that there is price manipulation in bitcoin. SEC allowed Bernie Madoff to lose $65 billion for his investors, and so I wouldn't get too excited about SEC sanctioning a bitcoin ETF.

I can tell you, from personal accounts, that if you owned a Patek in eastern Europe during the initial invasion of Germany and later Russia, you were more likely to survive the ravages of war by paying off the invader with your watch, the Patek. Luxury watches, even in times of war, have value.

My feeling is that bitcoin is public wealth: by definition it's on a public ledger for all to see. I believe that bitcoin ownership will be taxed heavily, whether through capital gains tax or unrecognized capital gains tax, like the ownership of your house.

The luxury watch is private wealth that you can own and hand down to your kids. The watch is a piece of art that you can enjoy, like a painting. Again, it's private wealth.

I personally own a few shares of a stock called MSTR, or MicroStrategy. Until now, it was the only way to own bitcoin indirectly in the form of a stock. The new companies are some of the biggest in the world including BlackRock and Fidelity.

I personally plan to buy BlackRock IBIT ETF. My reading is that it is the only way to own

bitcoin long term. I will own it in my pension plan. If the stock starts to tank, then I

can cash out without any tax consequence. I missed out on bitcoin in 2009. This is my second chance at the ground level.

Bitcoin by design was invented to take down the dollar as the world currency, in my opinion. I will hold onto my MSTR and IBIT until the 2024 election comes to a close, and probably sell it all. I expect bitcoin to rise to $100K by November. At $100K per coin, bitcoin will be a true asset class and might even survive U.S.A. politics and maintain its position as an international currency.

My belief is that the luxury watch has stood the test of time, but bitcoin is still new and has yet to be tested. At this time I personally own both.


My MSTR has done exceptionally well. It's one of the best performing stocks in the NASDAQ. Michael Saylor is not afraid to take on debt to buy bitcoin. This gamble has paid off, especially with the vultures waiting for him to fail with short buying which was up to 20% of outstanding shares last week. These short sellers are being squeezed as the price of MSTR rises and allows MSTR's price to outpace the rise in bitcoin.

Bitcoin manipulation is becoming a thing of the past as large companies like Blackrock and Fidelity with their ETFs can't buy bitcoin fast enough on the dip.

With nowhere to go except up, bitcoin should rise exponentially from here.

There is however a lot of smoke-and-mirror with bitcoin: the Chinese manufacture the mining machines and own most of the mining operations. They got into it late but are the dominant force behind bitcoin now. Looks like the Russians have been busy stealing bitcoin from hacks into the exchanges, but by the very nature of bitcoin, it cannot be stolen as the couple Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan learned from their theft of Bitfinex. It's not clear if fractional lending is taking place from exchanges like Coinbase. Until every coin is verified and cross-referenced for duplication we can never be sure. One thing is certain in my mind, the U.S.A. by way of its surrogates like Blackrock, the Treasury, and the Federal Reserve is finally taking bitcoin seriously and is actively trying to bring as much bitcoin as possible into its sphere of influence. If necessary the U.S.A. can always use an executive order like Roosevelt's executive order 6102 to confiscate bitcoin especially if it's in your pension plan. No problem. For now, it seems the U.S. Government is paying you to buy bitcoin!

WatchArtExchange creates wealth.

We believe that watches can be a reliable asset class. Like a 1965 Ferrari, watches are collectible if restored to perfect condition. We are in the business of creating wealth by restoring your watch to factory condition. Imagine, your 10 year old Rolex, Patek or Omega restored to factory condition. Your watch could be worth ten times more in perfect condition and will last forever. We have assembled some of the greatest artisans in the world. Our prices are extremely reasonable. The results you will discover are unbelievable. Look at our website of over 1200 watches, look at the short video at the bottom of this page, and look at our reviews. No one else can do what we do, not even Rolex, Patek or Omega, because all they can do is throw new expensive parts at your watch, if they still have those parts. This is why the manufacturers often refuse to repair vintage watches, because they don't have the parts.

EBay: no warranty

Chrono24: no warranty

Authorize Dealer: fortune for repairs

Watchartexchange: 3 Year Warranty

For the price of a simple overhaul (oil change) at Rolex, you get back a brand new watch at Watchartexchange!

WatchArtExchange is your only choice to restore your watch to factory condition.


How important are watches?

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger just got detained by German Customs Officers for his undeclared watch!


We get tattoos, color our hair blue, get body piercing, all to get attention.

At Watchartexchange we are a little more subtle. We recommend a beautiful Vintage Watch. You won't find our watches on anyone else's wrist.

Not in our "brand new" factory condition.

We offer some of the best Vintage Watches in the world.

Please visit our SALE OF THE WEEK for your best deal.

We have over 1500 beautiful watches for sale in every budget from $500 to $300,000.

We are not eBay or Chrono24. These are selling platforms who's responsibility ends after the sale. We are a full Watch Manufacturing Company and offer a 1 year warranty on every repair and sale of our watches. Our solid gold watches have a lifetime warranty: SHOP ALL


I began my career in watchmaking, actually creating watches. It's interesting that you can be a "watchmaker" and never actually produce or make a watch .. LOL.

Please look at some of my creations on the homepage: Custom Watch Manufacture.

Gold was cheap back then, some 30 years ago. These watches were handmade with gold and studded with diamonds. The movements in these watches were usually Patek but I also used A. Lange & Söhne. Patek borrowed some of my ideas. One year at a watch show in Geneva a representative from A. Lange & Söhne was showing off my creations. The economy turned for the worst and I went from creating horologic marvels, to restoring vintage pieces. There are a lot more normal customers than there are eccentric customers with deep pockets. Plus, normal customers tend to pay their bills! No regrets.

A lot of our customers get mad when their watches are returned from our shop: the customers are amazed because they look and work like brand new watches.

Our customers get mad because they already bought a new watch!

They bought a new expensive watch that they didn't need. They tried to sell their old watch, but were offered too little. The new watch was expensive.

Our customers are mad for not coming to us first. They could have saved a small fortune.

For as little as $300, make your watch like new. Fall in love with your watch again.

Don't get mad.

I have just added a new gallery: Luxury Watches

These watches are not for everyone, but in my opinion they represent an incredible bargain.

Yes, my original watches today would sell for $100,000 or more but this is well out of he price range for most customers. They had a lot of gold and were very detailed and ornate.

The watch world can be crazy at times, for example a stainless steel Daytona can sell for much more than its gold counterpart.

Ladies and gentleman, please don't tell anyone, but gold and diamonds are ageless and always in fashion and desirable. Let the so called experts enjoy their stainless steel.

Many people don't buy gold jewelry with a watch movement because of fear of the watch mechanism failing. This is silly. I have repaired and restored watches from the 1800's.

Prices will fluctuate wildly depending on supply and demand, so please stay tuned. Most of these pieces are out of production and you're looking at the "Last Unicorns." Enjoy your new watch with peace of mind. They are a tremendous investment.


We continue to grow our business, especially in watch repair and restoration.

Customers are extremely pleased with the results. No one else can do what we do:

LASER technology to repair nicks and dings, Diamond cutting to finely restore even the most delicate hands from rust and oxidation, and our Dial Restoration expertise and equipment is the best in the world.

We offer some of the best watch repairs and restorations available anywhere, including Rolex, Omega and even Patek in Geneva Switzerland.

Watches are mechanical, just like cars. Even quartz watches have mechanical components.

All of us know how important it is to do maintain our cars, especially oil changes, to avoid expensive repairs. This is also true about watches. Yes, you can keep your watch forever with a little maintenance.

Make your watch like new for as little as $300.

Watches were meant to be enjoyed and not sitting in a draw. After 3 years, most watches start to show signs of wear and tear. This, in my opinion, defeats the whole purpose of wearing a beautiful watch to impress yourself and others. I think once you send your watch in the first time for a freshening up, you'll be hooked.

It's a lot cheaper than buying a new watch.

There are millions of used watches on the web.

Buy from us or buy from them.

For a perfect repair/restoration and service, we are your only choice.


Many new watch lovers are fixated on the original paperwork of the watch.

This is of course understandable.

Many Vintage Watches from the 50's, 60's, 70's and even 80's don't have papers.

Papers back then were not considered very important. You can buy authentic, original

blank papers for Rolex on the internet, and simply fill in the information you want. It's not the papers that make a watch authentic. The watch needs to be carefully examined inside and out for authenticity. Every watch sold by WatchArtExchange is guaranteed to be 100% authentic. Papers, where are your papers!

20 Billion Dollars

Used watches have become a huge business with the introduction of the internet. It used to be that it was impossible to sell a used watch for decent money because no one had access to the general public. Now the used-watch market is a 20 Billion Dollar Industry. Here at WatchArtExchange we are a mint-condition-used-watch-boutique: the watches that leave our shop are restored to brand new factory condition and have never been worn after restoration. We are, in our humble opinion, the only company that can do this. We have several artisans with decades of experience to restore to factory condition the dial, the case, the hands, and most importantly, the movement of the watch. This is why our watches are more expensive than those commonly found on the internet. We offer a 1 year warranty: SHOP ALL

This does not mean that there aren't some great deals out there. We will offer you a list of websites that we recommend for purchasing your watch, other than WatchArtExchange. We are not affiliated with any of our recommendations.

Generally speaking, people find the largest selection of used watches on eBay and Chrone24, but this can be overwhelming. We will try to show you some of the best of the best reputable websites in our opinion. Most watches in the marketplace are in good condition, but not in mint condition. This is where your savings comes in. A watch that normally sells for $10,000 in new condition can be found on eBay for $3000 or less in used condition.

WatchArtExchange is uniquely qualified to restore watches from "good condition" to "mint condition." No one else can do this, not even the manufacturer. Please look at our collection of over 1200 restored watches on our website. We invite you to shop around. Once you find your watch, we welcome you to restore it to "Mint" or "Factory Condition" with us.

Recommended Site(s):

  1. closer0924: This site appears to be a Japanese seller. Seems to be very honest and meticulous in their description and self evaluation. It is one of the largest seller on eBay for quality used watches. We are particularly impressed with their "Condition Rank" and agree with their assessments on the watches that we reviewed although we have some questions, see below. Interesting that this organization has invested millions of dollars on used watches while the Japanese currency has collapsed. Not only have they protected their principal, but their investment in watches has skyrocketed. Closer0924 is a testament to watches as an asset class. We congratulate them!

  2. CLOSER co.,ltd: This is mostly the same site above, but found on Chrono24.

Condition Rank

[Mint]Item has never been used.

[Beautiful]Item is like new with very slight signs of use.

[Excellent]Item has clearly been used,but has no significant scratches or  wear.

[Great]Item has slight surface scratches or slight wear,but looks great.

[Good]Item shows scratches or wear that is visible when worn on wrist.

[Fair]Item is not in perfect working order or slightly damaged.

[Poor]Item cannot be used as-is repair needed or used as parts.

Questions to ask before purchasing your watch here or on any other site:

  1. Does the watch have any bumps or scratches

  2. Is there any visible corrosion

  3. Has the movement been serviced in the last 5 years

  4. Any scratches on the crystal

  5. What is the condition of the dial

  6. What is the service history of the watch

  7. Are there photos of the inside of the watch

  8. Is there any moisture damage

Before purchasing your watch from any seller, check with us for advise on how much it would cost to bring the watch to perfect showroom condition.

Our average restoration price to factory condition, including parts is $500.

Rolex charges over $1000 for a simple overhaul, as a comparison.

Imagine your $3,000 watch restored to a $10,000 watch.

We create wealth.

Happy Watch Hunting!



Where Rolex, Omega and Patek refuse the repair or they don't have replacement parts, our customers come to us as their last hope. They are not disappointed.

The truth is that any watch that has been worn for a couple of years could use a service and overhaul (disassembly and lubrication) to restored it to factory condition. This is very affordable versus a catastrophic repair from neglect. Just like your car, regular oil changes are cheap but engine replacement is very expensive. I recommend service of your watch every 3 to 5 years to make it last forever. Your watch will look great and command respect. If you decide to sell, then you will get your best price.

A recent visit to New York City this Holiday Season showed us that the Watch remains an important Asset Class, both to show your clients that you are worthy to sit at the table and to store value in these difficult times for the future.


Your leather watch band plays a big difference in price when you go to sell.

Many of our watches for sale were purchased as an investment and are unworn.

If I were to buy a brand new Patek, Rolex, Omega or any other luxury watch with a leather band, then I would remove the brand new band and store it.

When I am ready to sell my Patek, Rolex, or Omega then I would have WatchArtExchange restore my watch to factory condition and put the original band back on. This would insure that I would get my highest price.

We offer excellent custom handmade leather bands in all imaginable exotic materials at an affordable price.

Please ask us about this service. You will be very impressed with the quality.

It is not uncommon for a $50,000 watch to be worth only $5000 after as little as 5 years. It is true that tastes change, but that same watch in factory condition usually sells

for much more than $5000 and quite possibly more than $50,000 to the individual who missed out when the watch was originally issued and is no longer in production. We are in the business of safeguarding your precious investment.

We really do "create wealth" by restoring your watch to factory condition. In factory condition your watch will be worth much more. Please look at our site and read the reviews. We have countless emails from satisfied customers. We look forward in sharing them with you.

Thank you for visiting WatchArtExchange. You will find exceptional vintage watches to purchase. For newer watches, please click "AUGUSTUS COLLECTION". These watches are the best in their class and are priced to sell.

We are an exchange and prices fluctuate. Just like stocks, place a bid, you never know.

If you are in need of a watch repair, then rest assured you are at the right place for a perfect repair.

Happy Holidays!

Best Regards,


P.S. Below we have a great video about Vintage Watches. Look carefully at the watches presented. None of those watches would pass our quality control and in our opinion are not worth buying without $1000 to $1500 worth of repair and restoration. No wonder Vintage Watches have a bad reputation.

The video is great but leaves out the most important reason to buy Vintage: Service!

Vintage watches were not made to be disposable, like an Apple Watch. There are millions of Vintage Watches out there. Authentic parts are readily available.

Same with cars. When a Ferrari breaks down, only Ferrari has the parts. Many expensive modern watches are made with "100% in house movements". This exclusivity comes at a price. This could be a problem. Parts for these watches are hard to find. When the manufacturer runs out of these spare parts, then you're out of luck.

Your $100,000 watch today may not be serviceable 20 years from now because no spare parts are available.

Imagine, a $100,000 disposable watch!

This is a rich man's problem.

My advice is to stick with Vintage Watches, they don't have this problem, there are plenty of spare parts.

Below the video is a slide show of our Vintage Watches. Our watches look brand new and are in factory condition with a 1 year warranty.

You get what you pay for!

Please look at our entire collection of over 1500 watches. If you don't see it, then we can get it for you.


Some of you have contacted us about the

"Factory Condition" of our watches, specifically questions about our polishing technique.

We use what we call "Zero Loss Polishing."

We employ LASER to add gold or stainless steel to the watch to repair deep scratches and dings. We do not over polish. This is a very fine art and requires years to master.

No one else does this, to our knowledge.

For comparison, Rolex will often refuse the watch case repair and will offer a new very expensive case as a replacement. We charge a few hundred dollars for this service. Rolex will charge you a few thousands for a new case!


Take the worry out of Vintage Watches

Perfect Vintage Watches or your money back

One year warranty

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Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Many vintage watches don't have papers.

Until recently, the papers that came with your watch were just that, papers that were filled in by the jewelry store at the time of sale. You can buy blank vintage Rolex papers on eBay and fill in whatever you want.

Many watch collectors go crazy over the original box and papers.

More power to them.

I personally do not carry my original box and papers with me when I wear my watch.

No one has ever asked me for my box and papers when they see my Rolex.

The truth is, it's nice to have the original box and papers. If you find someone who will pay you more for your watch with box and papers, then you're lucky. Your jeweler certainly will not.

Secret: What's really important is that your watch is 100% authentic, and that it keeps accurate time.

For example, how important are papers from 10 years ago if you dropped your watch and had your local jeweler do the best he could with generic parts. You could sell that watch with papers and forget to mention that it's no longer 100% authentic.

For example, how important are papers from 10 years ago if you never had it serviced but wore your watch every day and even went swimming with it. Just before the sale, you got the watch serviced by Rolex. Almost everything inside was destroyed and you paid a fortune for a new movement, dial, and hands. Your watch was quite rare but now is no longer original because Rolex threw in new replacement parts. The value has dropped considerably.

When you buy a watch, unless you are buying directly from the manufacturer, you are taking a chance. Most credit card purchases protect you against fraud for a period of one year. If the used Rolex you bought from eBay or Chrono24 turns out not to be authentic, then you have recourse with the help of your credit card company to get your money back.

The only way to tell if a used watch is 100% authentic is to do a complete tear down or "overhaul" and examine every single piece of the watch. All the pieces need to be authentic and the general age of the parts should be consistent. It's not just a matter of looking at the watch and confirming that it has a serial number.

Simon at WatchArtExchange has been servicing luxury watches for over 30 years. Simon knows our watches inside and out. With papers or without papers, our watches are 100% authentic and they keep accurate time.

This is what really matters.



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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Why pay twice or three times for the same watch.

Some of our customers buy their watches on Ebay or Chrono24 and pay top dollar to buy a nearly "perfect" watch. Once purchased the same customers send us that same watch for restoration to make it an absolutely perfect watch.

If that same customer contacted us first they could have saved a fortune. We would have advised them to buy a less expensive watch but in acceptable condition to restore to near factory condition.

We know watches. We can save you money.

Some of our customers bring their watches to their local jeweler or send them off to the manufacturer like Rolex.

The local jeweler does not have the expertise nor the tools nor the authentic parts to do a professional job.

Rolex for the most part does not restore watches, especially vintage, they merely throw new parts at the watch. The result is a mosaic watch of original and replacement parts.

Rolex makes their money selling watches, not fixing them.

It's not uncommon for Rolex to take 6 months to a year for the repair.

Rolex costs 2 times to 3 times what we charge for a repair. Why? Because they can!

You are better off sending us the watch first to get a perfect repair and restoration.

WatchArtExchange has assembled some of the best talent in the world.

We have specialists that only work on the movement of your watch.

We have specialists that only work on the dial of your watch.

We have specialists that only work on the case of your watch.

We have specialists that only work on jewelry and the gold of your watch.

We have specialists that only work on the band of your watch.

All of our customers are blown away by the quality of our watches. Yes they cost a little more, but what you're buying does not exist in the marketplace. You are buying a vintage or non vintage watch in essentially factory condition. Yes it's incredible until you hold it in your hand. Beautiful. Perfect in every detail.

WatchArtExchange, we are your complete watch company.

Thanks for reading,

From all of us, thank you for your trust.


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