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Your Watch Is Like Cash

WatchArtExchange is your only choice to convert your watch into the most cash.


Whether you own  a Patek, a Rolex, an Omega, or any other Luxury Watch, we are here to help you get the most value from your treasure.

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Isabella and I had breakfast at Balthazar in the city. We hadn't really talked in years. She opened up a little bit and told me about her job in private equity. She said she was going to buy a Patek. I asked her, what is that? She said, a watch. I said how much. She said $30,000! I almost fell off my chair. She told me, there are only a few ways that she could show status to her clients.

Isabella never bought that Patek, but she did send me on a fantastic journey into the Watch World.

Isabella was right, watches show status, but they are so much more.

People have survived the ravages of war with the inherent value of a luxury watch.

Vintage watches are the ultimate bitcoin. Their value has outpaced inflation and even the price of gold over time. Will modern watches that are essentially machine made by the millions

be a good investment, time will tell.

Most of us can't afford a Mona Lisa, but we can afford a beautiful watch.

Our watches are one of a kind mint condition luxury watches.

We don't sell junk.

When you receive our watch, you won't believe it is 10, 20, or even 50 years old.

Our watches look and feel like the day they left the factory, or your money back!


Love you Isabella

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Replacement of various types of rare damaged or broken watch gears is done using Schaublin lathes. Even very small gears can be repaired with the use of a microscope.

Highest quality Boley lathes and micro tools are used in precision parts repair and restoration.

We utilize Jacot tools which are hand powered lathes that are essential in the repair of vintage movements and antique watches. These tools are necessary for sizing and restoration of watch pivots.

Pallet Stone Setting Tool used for precision setting of watch pallets and pivot straightener.

Pivot Straightener

 A tool that adjusts bent pivots. When a watch has bent pivots time accuracy cannot be maintained.

Many different precision case opening and closing tools are needed for specific watch models when an incorrect tool is used to open or close a case damage can occur.

When restoration of watch cases is necessary, many complicated factors must be taken under consideration. For example, a case cannot be over polished and must maintain all original contours and edges.

In order to achieve this, proper tools must be implemented together with precision hand detailing. To bring out a high-quality shine only high-speed polishing machines can be used.

However, our master polisher always keeps a close eye on the process in order not to damage the delicate watch case and threading on case back.

In the case of the second picture you can see the gold cap solid gold layer case worn out in such a situation it is necessary to implement laser technology which adds additional gold layers to return this watch case to original mint condition beauty.

Highlighted below is our state-of-the-art laser machine which is able to correct any surface damage to gold, gold plated, gold capped or stainless steel cases.

Watch Dial factory precision restoration

When considering a dial that has been aged covered with patina with surface peeling and oxidization many factors must be taken under consideration. All original details must be saved every component must be disassembled polished cleaned soaked with chemicals and restored in all original factory specifications.

This is a very time-consuming process which must take under consideration original font as well as every aspect of original finishing

The hands must be diamond cut polished and restored to factory specs here are some samples of our recent project.

Silver Grand Seiko 36000Bph Watch Dial from 1969

As you can see the final results are striking

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Do you have an old vintage Rolex? Is it in good condition? If it's not, we can help you.

For the price of a Rolex center simple movement cleaning (Rolex charges approximately $1000 plus tax), we can renovate your vintage watch to exact specifications and pristine condition - All for only $1000 at WatchArtExchange.

Price is subject to whether broken components need to be completely replaced with new Rolex parts.

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