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Common Sense Advice From My Patients and 40 Years of Clinical Practice


What follows is my opinion and does not replace advice from your doctor (CMA).

Good health is the most important thing in life. What follows are general observations and state of the art tools to help you get the most out of your body for the many years to come. You need to take good care of your body, but how do you do that?

In medicine, doctors are like the three blind men and an elephant. Everyone sees you from their perspective. Your general practitioner without any deep knowledge tries to coordinate specialists without any general knowledge (joke).

There are countless studies that are published. If you wait a few months or a year, a new study will refute the old study. Doctors in academia need to publish to keep their jobs. Need I say more. There was a study published in 2018 that said that being overweight puts you at risk for an early death. Really! It took over 2000 years to come up with that obvious conclusion!

Don’t even get me started on wearing masks for COVID-19. It’s any wonder people listen to their doctors at all. Yes the vaccine is the final solution, but did all those people need to die before they got the vaccine. Surgeons have been wearing masks in the operating room for over a century. It’s called the Germ Theory. Masks keep the surgeon from spitting into the surgical field and infecting the patient while telling jokes, and masks keep you from spitting COVID-19 onto your friends while telling your jokes. Some smartass is going to say you need an N95 mask to stop COVID-19, which is ridiculous. Any mask is better than no mask.

With any decent mask, you reduce social distancing from 6 feet to 6 inches which makes everything possible. Operating rooms never stopped during the pandemic despite close proximity, and coworker transmission of COVID-19 was non-existent.

Enough said!

I will cut to the chase.

Diagnosis: Overproduction of insulin is the number one killer in the Western World.

Conclusion: You should be at ideal weight, take cholesterol medicine, take a baby aspirin, take a magnesium supplement, and manage your diabetes well.


Each of those recommendations will be refuted by your doctor.

But if you ask your doctor to tell you if he’s on cholesterol medicine and a baby aspirin, he will probably say “Yes.”

You just can’t make the stuff up.

Your doctor, adding insult to injury, will tell you that you have to lose weight. There. Done. He has written in the chart that he ordered you to lose weight. His job is done.

Newsflash, your doctor has no idea how to lose weight. He has never been taught weight control in medical school. Judeo Christian Ethics associates overweight and obesity with a personal moral failing and even calls it a sin, gluttony. Because obesity is not recognized as a true disease, no real research and treatment exists. Instead we are left with pseudoscience and charlatans. Weight loss is a trillion dollar business, annually.

Next time… what do you mean “insulin,” I am not a diabetic!

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