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What follows is my opinion and does not replace advice from your doctor (CMA).

Insulin is the star of our show!

My early introductions to insulin were purely by chance.

My first encounter was our beloved pig. My mother would go to the farmer’s market and buy fresh fruit. Oftentimes, the farmer could not sell all the fruit on his stand, and he would sell to my mother at a deep discount, the fruit that would spoil by the next day. Mom would feed our pig the overripe fruit and our pig was in heaven!

One day, our overgrown pig managed to get out of the pig pen. The neighbors were horrified by the size of our beast. Our pig was twice the size of any of our neighbor’s pigs!

The overripe fruit was of course sweet and full of sugar. The excess sugar created an insulin surge. The excess insulin not only made our pig nice and plump, but the insulin also acted like a growth hormone, and made our pig mammoth in size.

My second encounter was in sixth grade. We had a really smart substitute teacher one day. He told us about his travels to Spain while Franco was dictator, and how affordable things were. He also told us about how “Eskimo” had virtually no heart disease! This was of course remarkable because he said the Inuits ate a lot of blubber. My substitute teacher knew about the Atkin diet before Dr. Atkin did!

The Eskimo diet in our story had virtually no carbohydrates and the insulin production was very low, hence no heart disease.

These two examples illustrate the power of insulin.

It is my opinion that insulin is responsible for 90% of all diseases that come to the hospital.

Insulin is responsible for obesity. Insulin is responsible for heart disease.

Obesity and heart disease is responsible for the bulk of hospital admissions.

An overweight person soon develops sleep apnea which will rob him decades of life.

Heart disease is rampant and when combined with obesity, results in an early death.

To repeat ourselves:

“Diagnosis: Overproduction of insulin is the number one killer in the Western World.

Conclusion: You should be at ideal weight, take cholesterol medicine, take a baby aspirin, take a magnesium supplement, and manage your diabetes well.”

It is almost impossible to be at ideal body weight if you eat a lot of carbohydrates unless you do extreme physical labor.

To all of you that think that fresh fruit is good for you, think again. If the massive amount of pesticides used to bring you that perfect fruit doesn’t kill you, then the carbohydrate load will kill you in the form of obesity. I am not saying not to ever eat fruit. At least for now dramatically reduce your fruit intake. Take supplemental Vitamin C so that you don’t become deficient. But if you are serious about losing weight, cut out the fruits. You will lose weight at an astonishing speed if you simply cut out the carbs.

I just had fried eggs and bacon with my espresso with sugar free soy milk.

I am planning on having roasted lamb and broccoli for dinner.

Life is not over!

You will get through this.

Many of us think that salads are healthy for you. Yes and no. I love a good salad, I must confess, but no, it’s probably not that healthy for you.

Fire was discovered almost 2 million years ago, and it became a game changer. Fire and heat kills all the germs. Fire is the main reason we live as long as we do. Your salad greens are not freshly picked and your greens travel long distances before arriving on your table. I know, what I am saying is blasphemy.

Cooked foods are simply safer and better for you. My steamed broccoli is still crunchy but I don’t have to worry about E. Coli.

Anyway, let’s get back to insulin.

The western diet with plenty of bread and pizza and pasta and steamed rice is a killer. It is insulin that allows your body to convert all those carbohydrates into cholesterol. This is why you need cholesterol medication, at least for now, until you’re able to radically change your diet. Essentially, cholesterol medicine allows you to be a bad boy and a bad girl.

Speaking of bad girls, I am astonished at how many women are not on cholesterol medicine!

A true double standard.

Estrogen protects you against heart disease only so much.

For all of you ladies out there, please ask your doctor why he’s on cholesterol medicine, and you are not!

Let’s take a moment to talk about blood work and testing: it’s all wrong!

Crazy right. Blasphemy again.

Almost 30 years ago I asked a famous endocrinologist why we check for diabetes with a fasting blood sugar test instead of hemoglobin a1c. Basically the a1c test doesn’t look at the fasting blood sugar, but insteads looks at the last 3 months worth of glucose control.

His answer: It’s not the recommendation.

Yes, your blood test, in my opinion, is flawed.

What do you think your blood sugar and cholesterol level will be after overnight fasting? Remember this is a BLOOD test which is trying to guess what’s happening inside the cells.

Exactly, if you were to take a random blood draw throughout the day your sugar might still be high long after your meal and your cholesterol level might be through the roof.

We don’t want to know your best numbers, we want to know your actual normal numbers.

Of course your doctor will refute this. He will say that the testing is standardized and if everyone follows the fasting protocol then we can compare apples to apples.

I disagree. I want to know what my numbers actually are and I don’t care about an artificially low number.

Speaking of blood work, you can order your own!

Anyway, let’s talk about some basic tools that you might want to invest in:

  1. A scale to weigh yourself.

  2. An automatic blood pressure machine.

  3. A glucometer. Yes, you can check your own sugar!

  4. A pulse oximeter. Inexpensive device that tells you pulse and oxygenation.

  5. Thermometer (electronic)

You don’t need any of these things, but it is fun to monitor yourself and document the changes once you quantify them.

Next time, I would like to talk about diabetes.

Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions.

It is my opinion that the vast majority of us, that put on weight later in life, actually have subclinical diabetes that has been missed by our blood tests. Yes, another radical idea. You first have diabetes and that’s why you put on weight!

The Judeo Christian establishment wants to shame you into believing that it is YOU that is a glutton, and if only you wouldn’t eat so much you would be fine. You caused the diabetes!

Ridiculous! You are overeating because in a sea of sugar the glucose can’t get into your cells because you don’t have enough insulin. Your brain especially, which is 100% dependent on glucose for its energy source, is revolting and is demanding “more coal” like the furnace of a locomotive.

We will discuss brain health later.

We will come back to insulin again and again.

Insulin in effect is not just for glucose transport into the cells, but actually is a “dirty” hormone with many different deleterious side effects like deposition of cholesterol in our arteries.

Speaking of cholesterol:

Did you know that many American teenagers already have atherosclerosis.

Did you know that many marathon runners also have atherosclerosis.

When we return:

Why do I recommend aspirin?

Why do I recommend magnesium of all things?

Until next time, take care.

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