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What follows is my opinion and does not replace advice from your doctor (CMA).

We are not going to wait for weeks to get you into shape.

Here’s what I want you to do right now as we explain why you are doing it.

The single most important thing you can do is to lose the extra weight. Now you probably think losing weight is difficult and hard to keep it off. This is not true. The hard thing is to know when you have lost enough weight and not overdo it. You also don’t want to lose weight too fast, otherwise your skin can’t keep up and you will have excess skin and look like a dried out prune.

Your body will completely renew every cell in your body in about 12 months. That’s probably the time frame we’re talking about. No it won’t take you a year to get into shape, but it will take about a year to achieve the new you and to get back on your life trajectory curve of about 100 years.

One of the first benefits of losing those first few pounds will be breathing better at night. The extra weight build up is not just on the outside or your body, but also on the inside of your body, specifically, your airway. Resistance to flow is reduced by 1/r(4), that is flow is reduced by radius to the 4th power. In practical terms, a 2 fold increase in radius, will increase flow by 16 times! We know this instinctively when we compare a garden hose to a fire hose used by firefighters. With the fat reduced in your airway, you will breath much better and snore less.

If you combine the first weeks weight reduction with “Breathe Right” nasal strips, you will dramatically reduce your snoring. Just a quick note about the nasal strips, use alcohol prep to degrease the skin for better adhesion and use counter traction when removing it in the morning so that you don’t rip skin off when removing it.

Speaking of mornings, don’t drink or eat anything until you brush your teeth, please. Seems silly, but the second dirtiest orifice in your body is your mouth. Your mouth has a heavy bacterial load in the morning and this can give you gastrointestinal upset. Also, always brush your teeth before you floss. Flossing your teeth can introduce bacteria into your bloodstream. The bacteria from your mouth can seed as an infection anywhere in your body and is associated with heart disease directly by way of endocarditis, and more commonly indirectly by way inflammatory and immunologic reaction that can lead to heart attacks. By the way, it is my opinion that this is why people with dentures live forever.

Anyway, to lose weight is simple: reduce or eliminate carbohydrates from your diet. Essentially stop eating gluten. Rice is full of carbs as are potatoes. Basically, if it tastes good, spit it out.

You are trying to keep your insulin requirement to a minimum. Bacon no problem. Eggs no problem. Toast is a big problem!

We will talk more about foods and how most of the stuff on the shelf in your supermarket would never pass FDA approval if it was a drug. All those preservatives and chemicals in foods is in my opinion why we have an explosion in autoimmune diseases like diabetes and even cancers like breast cancer and prostate cancer. Yes, you can create cancer by what you put into your body. Ever hear the association of smoking and lung cancer!

Anyway, for now, take the pleasure out of eating. You have more important things to do with your life! Think of food as simply a fuel source. Get pleasure from watching your body transform itself into your younger self.

Modest exercise in the form of using stairs at work, sit ups and push ups should be modified to doing baby steps in the beginning. Low impact. One stair at a time. Careful with your back, you only have one spine. An inexpensive exercise bike is great. Please no jogging! The idea behind exercise is to speed up your metabolism slightly as you go in quasi starvation mode.

People go crazy at the gym. Wrong approach. There are no studies that support going to the gym increases your lifespan and yet we spend almost 30 billion dollars annually on gyms. On the contrary, many heart attacks and injuries occur at the gym. They even have defibrillators now on site because it is such a hazardous place!

Let the meatheads go to the gym. Let the guys that poison their kidneys with excessive protein go to the gym. Muscle mass is inversely proportional to overall health. Yes you want to be fit, but don’t overdo it. If you are 10 or 20 pounds overweight, then you are already an athlete. You are a powerhouse under all that weight because you have been weight lifting the extra weight everyday! The trick is to shed the fat and keep the muscle.

We are not going to focus as much on muscle or the muscular system as we are going to focus on the systems and organs that will add years to your life. Your brain health, your kidney health and your vascular health are much more important for longevity.

The jock that stops going to the gym loses his physique in two to three weeks from deconditioning. With the simple tools we will discuss, you can add 10 extra years to your life not a couple of weeks.

One last thing before I go. Be sure to hydrate. If your urine is concentrated, then your cells are shriveled up like raisins. The average person needs about 125 ml/hr or 4 ounces per hour. Many of us drink less before bed so that we don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night.

Wrong! Keep hydrated. Everything will work better. What do I mean? Well when you go to sleep, your blood pressure naturally goes down. This is good and bad. Good because it's less work for the heart, but bad because perfusion pressure to all the vital organs is reduced. When you throw in dehydration, then you have made your blood very viscous and effectively you are pumping sludge through your vital organs like your brain, kidneys and even your heart. Most heart attacks occur early in the morning from a long night of dehydration and the stress of reanimation or awakening.

Famous tennis players would be up all night getting hydrated for the next day's match when they would literally sweat off pounds during the matches!

Your body will tell you when you are well hydrated. Your urine will be a light straw color and almost clear.

Until next time, take care.

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