Puerto Rico

Updated: Apr 19

Good investment.

Yes, I know, no one else is going to tell you that.

As an American, you should consider visiting Puerto Rico. Many of you have been on cruises that began in Puerto Rico.

Too bad. You missed the real value: Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is part of the United States, but it is not a State yet. When Puerto Rico becomes a State, their real estate prices will become unaffordable.

Even if Puerto Rico never becomes a State, it's still a great place to invest. Why? The cost of living is extremely low. You are a big fish in a small pond.

Real estate taxes in Puerto Rico are some of the lowest in the world. Why? Because Puerto Rico has almost a 70% home ownership rate. Puerto Ricans in the mainland mostly rent, because they never sold their Island homes and plan to return.

Spanish language is a blessing and a curse.

You can always find someone who speaks English. For those of us who live in metropolitan areas in the mainland, you will hardly notice a difference.

When I first came to Puerto Rico over 30 years ago, the Island was 30% pro Statehood. Now the Island is 53% pro Statehood.

Puerto Ricans would do well to visit Hawaii and see for themselves the true cost of Statehood.

Puerto Rico has an incredible University system, on par with some of the best schools on the mainland. In my opinion, the fancy professors at the University of Puerto Rico should do a deep analysis of the effect of Statehood not just on their own personal prospects, but on the average Puerto Rican.

My analysis is that the average Puerto Rican would be displaced and chased off the Island as the cost of living skyrockets because of the "Gringo" invasion. The greatest beneficiaries would be the current land owners, but once they cash in, even they could never afford to buy back into Puerto Rico.

There is no direct advantage to the average Puerto Rican for Statehood. The public school system in Puerto Rico teaches its students in Spanish.

This is a tremendous handicap to its citizens with virtually zero prospect of success on the mainland as they would fight for low skill jobs with illegals from Central and South America, even though Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens.

The families that can afford a private education are fortunate because they are taught in English. These students go on to the University of Puerto Rico and are very successful. Many of these students get great jobs on the mainland. These professionals enjoy mobility and many have temporarily left the Island with plans to return or keep a second home on the Island.

Americans currently can benefit from Puerto Rico being a Commonwealth. Statehood will only make Puerto Rico more expensive for everyone.

Take a look at Puerto Rico. The Western shores with a convenient airport in Aguadilla is in my opinion the best bargain. Affordable real estate with great restaurants, an affordable cost of living, great beaches and low crime make it very attractive.

Enjoy and take care!

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