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Save a Fortune

Why pay twice or three times for the same watch.

Some of our customers buy their watches on Ebay or Chrono24 and pay top dollar to buy a nearly "perfect" watch. Once purchased the same customers send us that same watch for restoration to make it an absolutely perfect watch.

If that same customer contacted us first they could have saved a fortune. We would have advised them to buy a less expensive watch but in acceptable condition to restore to near factory condition.

We know watches. We can save you money.

Some of our customers bring their watches to their local jeweler or send them off to the manufacturer like Rolex.

The local jeweler does not have the expertise nor the tools nor the authentic parts to do a professional job.

Rolex for the most part does not restore watches, especially vintage, they merely throw new parts at the watch. The result is a mosaic watch of original and replacement parts.

Rolex makes their money selling watches, not fixing them.

It's not uncommon for Rolex to take 6 months to a year for the repair.

Rolex costs 2 times to 3 times what we charge for a repair. Why? Because they can!

You are better off sending us the watch first to get a perfect repair and restoration.

WatchArtExchange has assembled some of the best talent in the world.

We have specialists that only work on the movement of your watch.

We have specialists that only work on the dial of your watch.

We have specialists that only work on the case of your watch.

We have specialists that only work on jewelry and the gold of your watch.

We have specialists that only work on the band of your watch.

All of our customers are blown away by the quality of our watches. Yes they cost a little more, but what you're buying does not exist in the marketplace. You are buying a vintage or non vintage watch in essentially factory condition. Yes it's incredible until you hold it in your hand. Beautiful. Perfect in every detail.

WatchArtExchange, we are your complete watch company.

Thanks for reading,

From all of us, thank you for your trust.



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