Why Wait

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What follows is my opinion and does not replace advice from your doctor (CMA).

I don’t want this to get too cerebral.

I am reminded by the playfulness of puppies and kittens.

Doing physical things is fun. I just enjoyed 10 minutes on my stationary bike and I feel pretty good, especially after my second cup of coffee, espresso black to be exact.

Anyway, the reason why I downplayed exercise is because you’re not ready!

Of course you want to get out there and run around like a teenager because you decided to get into shape two weeks ago, but you simply are not ready.

Your body has replaced much of your muscle with fat, as you get older.

Even worse, the muscle that you have is very low quality muscle. Your tendons and ligaments are also low quality. Fat has infiltrated much of your muscle mass. Even your heart muscle is compromised.

Sorry. The truth.

Yes it will take a while to change things around.

We mentioned hemoglobin a1c. If you are a diabetic and do everything right, it will take you almost 3 months to change your hemoglobin a1c. It’s simply a fact.

High sugars in your bloodstream from a western diet have thrown a glucose “monkey wrench” not only into production of your hemoglobin but also in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Even your heart muscle is in bad shape. Atrial fibrillation anyone! The heart muscle and conducting system has been compromised and is weak. Don’t overdo it! Not yet, anyway. The high concentration of glucose molecules in your bloodstream have contaminated and gotten incorporated into your proteins and this makes proteins weak, brittle and fragile.

Please be patient. The game now is to avoid any injuries as we get you back into shape.

We will discuss exercise or “fun time” as I like to call it in much more detail later.

Basically a little bit of exercise throughout the day will increase slightly your metabolism.

You should eat some protein and a little carbohydrate around your exercise routine. Eat something at least an hour before or within an hour after exercise to avoid catabolism, or your body eating itself, because you’ve dropped your blood sugar. The extra protein will be deposited as muscle and the carbohydrate will create some insulin production to help you build that muscle.

Stretch after a little bit of exercise, not before. Until you get into a little bit of shape, stretching is dangerous in the beginning and so be careful. Your joints and ligaments will be quite stiff and easily bruised and torn in the beginning.

“No pain, no gain” is simply stupid and lacks understanding of what’s happening.

When you stretch, you are slightly breaking up muscular bundles so that new fibers can form. The nerves in your muscles can be overstretched. When the nerves are overstretched they become ischemic and that causes pain. The nerves can be damaged, yes even permanently, just from stretching. Don’t overdo it.

As you eat the right foods, start losing weight, the new tendon and muscle cells will be of a much higher quality. You will be able to stretch more without injury.

Avoid taking ibuprofen or motrin after a workout. If you have aches and pains after a workout, then you have overdone it. Motrin is an anti inflammatory drug and you need the inflammatory response to heal. Motrin is preventing you from healing!

In any case, please have fun out there. Go easy for now. We have much more ambitious goals.

We are not just going to add ten good years to your life. We are going to make you look and feel ten years younger!


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