Rare and Exquisite Enicar Swiss Made LadiesDress Watch from 1990


  • This watch is in mint condition
  • Please take note of the beautiful Gold Plated Case
  • Elegant Swiss Dress Watch
  • Quartz Precision Enicar Movement
  • This is a very beautiful Swiss Watch in Mint Condition
  • Size 19mm excluding crown
  • x 27mm top to bottom of case lugs
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Beautiful Original Golden Dial with crystal setting on dial
  • Will fit maximum 17cm wrist
  • Quartz Precision Enicar Swiss Movement
  • This watch is in excellent condition without damage
  • It is original and will become a perfect vintage collectible treasure
  • Shipping by secure and fast FEDEX


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Enicar Ladies 27 mm Gold Plated Watch

SKU: ENI-0005

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