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pre-owned watches in mint condition

No one can do what we do:  Perfect Repairs

Not Rolex.  Not Omega.  Not even Patek.

Don't believe us?  Waste your money first!

All in house repair/restoration.

Your watch is valuable, keep it that way.


We service and repair all Vacheron Constantin to mint condition (near factory condition). Yes, you read that correctly: your watch will be returned indistinguishable from the day you bought it. We are that good!

Authorized Dealership is not Geneva. Don't be fooled. WatchArtExchange is the real thing!

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For as little as $300 make your watch like new.

Customer Reviews

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These are some of the reviews our customers have recently posted about WatchArtExchange Watches on Google

"In 1995 I competed in the London-Mexico Rally. All competitors received a watch to commemorate the event, and I wore mine quite a lot in the ensuing years, to the point where it needed to be restored. I found WatchArtExchange online, sent them a photo of the watch, and they said they could restore it. I am really glad I found them, and glad that I sent the watch to them for restoration. I am very pleased with their service, communication, and results. I think the photos tell the story best - take a look at the before and after photos. Highly recommended." - John S.

"I highly recommend the using Simon for your watch restoration. Just recently he helped me and my wife restore what can only be called a Antiques Road Show fine--a family heirloom Swiss watch estimated at many thousands of dollars. I sent off several off inquiries to several watch restorers before I decided to work with Simon. I received the usual automated canned responses to my particular questions. From Simon, however, he asked me informative questions about the watch before I decided to work with him, and he requested a photo of it, to help him and me to identify it and to estimate its worth. My point here is that Simon is trustworthy and knowledgeable and will work with you at this early state in your restoration, should you decide to work with him. Beyond this initial contact (he paid the shipping cost and provided the shipping label), he provided me with email updates and photos on his restoration of the watch. True to his word, the watch was in his hands for ten day and returned to me. The result of his work was incredible: a once, overlooked, tarnished, nondescript watch was returned safely completely restored, rose gold glistening; working mechanically perfect with some hard to find parts found after complete alcohol bath and intricate watch work accomplished. In summary, when you send Simon your watch, forget your worries about workmanship and honesty. You'll get it back safe and sound and in an immaculate condition, and be glad he restored it for you." - Stephen R.

Ebay Price: $300

Restoration Price: $1000

Restored Market Price: $3000

Ebay Price: $900

Restoration Price: $1900

Restored Market Price: $8000