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Value Before: $5,000; Value After: $36,000

I have a Patek 5085. I left the cap stand/winder up and moisture/condensation got into the watch. The watch was not submerged. It now will not progress beyond 5 minutes or so without stopping. Can you give me an estimate over the internet? Thanks



Would it be possible to see a picture of your watch in its current condition?




Hi Simon,
Pictures included.


If you look at the calendar hand you can see that the calendar hand has started to show rust which means that the moisture has reached underneath the dial It’s hard to say what kind of damage is underneath the dial but I would recommend immediately taking the watch apart in order to dry it out At this point once the “brown stuff” starts showing things might be problematic especially since the watch is showing that it’s at full power but is grinding to a halt.

This is a high grade complication movement.

Just to overhaul would cost $2800 Water damaged parts would most likely need to be replaced with original parts which are expensive My initial estimate $2000 for the rusted parts Next the integration of the case, new gaskets pressure tests repair of calendar moon phase hand You are unfortunately looking at a bill between $5000 to $6000 to bring this watch to showroom condition I am sorry to give you this bad news It’s a beautiful watch and in my opinion deserves to be repaired.




Yes I noticed the rust a few days ago. I sure didn't expect the repair to be so costly. If the repairs are completed and the watch is brought to showroom condition, what would it sell for? I still have the original box and "case candy".
Thanks in advance.


Once completed and in showroom the value will be approximately $25,000.



Got it! Can you estimate how long the repair would take, and where are you located?


We are located in Darien Connecticut and provide our customers with overnight FedEx box shipping labels I would need your address to mark you down as the shipper to us I will email the label to you in PDF format and after printing you can use it at any FedEx location to ship to us If you manage to put the shipment together today it will be with us tomorrow 

The repair/restoration will take 2-3 weeks to complete.

Best regards,



Patek Philippe Moonphase Perpetual calendar Restoration / Repair


1.Date Wheel Corroded repaired $680

2.Case and Bracelet Surface restoration and Scratch Removal $525

3.Bracelet Clasp Repair Bracelet Locking Mechanism Repair $375

4.Crystal Sealing $195

5.Moon phase function corrosion Part replacement $460

6.Gaskets $190

7.Date change button repair (side button used for date setting not working) $355

8.Dial stained from moisture luminous discoloration (restored ) $430

9.Date Hand Corroded and had to be properly cleaned $60

10.Full overhaul cleaning lubrication and calibration of moisture affected movement $1660


Grand Total: $4930


Damaged Patek value:  $5000

Repaired/Restored Patek:  $36,000


Value Before: $3,000; Value After: $8,000

"I have lost the automatic running of my rolex. I need to wind, like old times, to keep watch running, and that is not contiuous."


Would it be possible to see a picture of your watch?


"I'm not too good with computers, etc. but I will try and scan."



Your watch is Rolex model 16233

What happened to the bracelet ?

To overhaul clean lubricate and calibrate your watch costs $480

Rubber gaskets most likely will need replacing $65 

Finally if you would like to clean the case remove any scratches and sharpen the gold fluted bezel the cost is $150

If this quote is acceptable please let me know and I will send additional instructions 




"Good morning, Simon. Thank you for your prompt response. Regarding the looks of the bracelet, I believe it is  due to the way I filmed. Closeness and the size. I believe the bracelet is good, without scratches or change in color or appearance. I believe a cleaning is only needed for the bracelet. However, You would be a better judge than me.

Actually my major and obvious concern is that my automatic operation has stopped, and the only way to use is winding, the old fashion way. I rely on you to correct  that, and replace rubber gaskets, as you suggest.

A couple of other things : 1)- How and where do I send? 2)- What do I use to send ? 3)-How long to repair and return? 4)- Amount for me to pay, and the method.

Thank you."



We can provide you with a FedEx label which you can print. If you use it today at any FedEx location your watch will arrive tomorrow and it will take 2 weeks to complete 

I do however need your address to mark you down as the shipper on the label 

Best regards 



Hi Sal Your watch is almost finished
Attached you can see pictures of when I first got it The dirt on the outside started to creep into the case and affected the movement and there was a broken bearing in the rotor function Tomorrow I will send photos of the assembled watch There were some additional issues that I encountered and needed to address to make your watch in mint condition I will show you tomorrow.

Best regards


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