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This is not investment advice...

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

We believe that "art" should be in everyone's portfolio. Watches are affordable art for the common man and woman. Art is private wealth that can be enjoyed.

You may not believe watches are a great investment, but consider this: imagine if you bought five 50 year old Rolex Cellini today at $5000 each, that's $25,000 total. How would that compare to buying $25,000 worth of Google or Facebook or Bitcoin. What will the price of Google, Facebook, or Bitcoin be in another 50 years. Will Google, Facebook or Bitcoin be around in 50 years or will they go the way of Woolworth, Sears and Polaroid.

The value of Google, Facebook or Bitcoin might be zero in 50 years. The Rolex Cellini has already proven that it can last 50 years!

Vintage watches hold their value and traditionally have outperformed inflation.


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