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Case of the fake Rolexes

Updated: 6 days ago

Actual correspondence. Actual photos.

“Hello ----,

I have some good news and some bad news. After inspecting your watches in detail I have determined the following:

The Rolex bubble back and the Longines if restored to perfect condition would have a value of approximately $10,000.

The bad news is the 2 Rolex Marconi watches are not original The Breitling is also not original I hope you did not pay too much for them.

As you can see by my pictures (where I hold my pincette pointing to the clues) on those watches.

1 On the movement the names and etchings have been recently printed with a laser and the stampings on the back should be stampings but are also burned in with a modern laser. The Breitling dial has had the name on the dial stamped recently and the bridge with the name has a different color than the rest of the movement because of extensive work after lasering the name on.

I have seen these types of watches before coming from Vietnam. The exterior looks right but once etchings are inspected it becomes obvious that they were different watches Swiss Vintage converted into a different brand by signing with a laser etching. This was sometimes done with a silk screen. Either way I am sorry to inform you of this but I am sure you want to know the truth.

That being said I think it would be very worthwhile to get the Rolex bubbleback and the military Longines restored.

If you have any questions please contact me.



For medical advice, ask a doctor.

For watch advice, ask a master watchmaker.

Actual repairs of above watches.

These watches have a military history. This was preserved in the restorations.


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