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Case of Trash to Treasure

"Per our conversation Monday March 7, 2022 here is the picture of front of Omega Seamaster 300. I will also send picture of the back. If you have any pieces for the band, I would like 1 piece added.

Thank you"

"I have inspected your watch in detail and I have some good and bad news

The good news is this is a very rare all original Omega Seamaster 165.024 Cal 565 serial number 28,299,233 from 1969

The good news is the value of this watch if in great historical condition would be approximately $20,000

It is one of the rarest Omegas on the market

There is one on Chrono24 for $12,000 without the original bracelet Here is the link

The bad news is your watch has quite a lot more work than originally expected and at one point it had taken on a lot of water causing minor corrosion to protrude even through the dial

I can clean that not a problem but here is what it would take to bring your watch to a $20,000 timepiece

1. Overhaul , complete disassembly of all parts cleaning and oiling as well as calibration $320

2. Minor movement part replacement $80

3. The dial had soaked in a lot of water causing peeling This dial is very important and it is important to keep it original but clean so the rust fungus and moisture must be removed

Vintage luminous must be added to the hands and the dial has to have all oxidation cleaned up. This has to be done so as not to affect the originality. The process is similar to restoring an old valuable painting, keeping everything original but clean, dry without stains and good for another 100 years. This costs $200

4. Very gentle and precise removal of scratches and dents without affecting the edges of the case (precision work) The bracelet needs help in this regard too as do the end links which have to be properly adjusted to properly fit the case plus two additional links This costs $200

5 Crystal repair proper sealing $80 (original)

6. All rubber gaskets need replacing that prevents moisture $75 (original gaskets)

hence to bring this piece to museum quality original condition would cost $955 In my opinion once completed this watch would have a $20,000 value

For an additional $100 we can provide a detailed description with photographs and a certificate of authenticity

Your thought would be appreciated as I would like to finish this watch by mid week"

Case Work

"This is under the dial which means the dial is 100% authentic but you can see some of the water stains even at the bottom Water affected the top of the dial but I was able to clean the top without affecting any original details

This is truly a museum piece"

Inner buckle problem

"It is this" "needs to be this"

Dial and Hands

"This is what I have done with the dial

All oxydation removed from surface

Moisture and fungu