Updated: Nov 22

I was working last night and got into a conversation about watches with the nurses and doctors.

They couldn't understand why anyone would spend $1000 or more on any watch.

Maybe they are right. Maybe it is a waste of money. Maybe the Mona Lisa or that 1965 Ferrari is overpriced.

What makes anything valuable? Scarcity? Rarity? Beauty? Maybe all of those things.

Why does a Seiko at Costco sell for $159 and the Rolex next to it sell for $15,999. Both shiny and beautiful. It makes no sense.

Secret, the Seiko at Costco and the Rolex at Costco are machine made. Yes, Seiko and Rolex make over a million of those watches per year. Look it up! That's why the Seiko costs $159. Rolex, through clever marketing and artificial shortage, can charge $15,999. By the way, we love Rolex watches because with simple maintenance they are designed to last forever!

Vintage Watches as we call them were Hand Made. It took over two weeks to make a single watch. Some of our Rado, for example, only had a few thousands ever made. They are extremely rare.

Yes, but watch manufacturers frequently re-issue new watches based on their older counterparts. Not true. Any new watch made to look like the old one is machine made and has a modern movement inside. The new issue of the old watch looks similar, but is completely different. It is essentially a "fake''.

Speaking of fakes, the guy sitting across from you might have a genuine Rolex or Breitling, or maybe it is a true fake. Yes, because modern watches are machine made, they can be perfectly copied. Counterfeit watches are a big problem for Rolex, just like counterfeit dollars are a big problem for the Secret Service.

Vintage Watches by virtue of being handmade cannot be counterfeited. We know they are original. This is why they are valuable. A vintage watch in factory condition is very rare indeed and this makes it very valuable.

Watches are like cars.

A 1965 Ferrari fully restored is very scarce, rare, beautiful and quite valuable. It's probably a good investment. Someone out there with money will want to buy it from you. They don't make them any more.

If the same Ferrari was discovered on a farm, sitting outside in the rain since 1965, rusted, original paint all gone and the engine completely shot, you could probably get it for a very good price, but it wouldn't be worth much.

This is the current problem with most vintage watches. In unrestored condition, they're not worth much.

Experts ask us to look past all the scratches, all the water damage, and instead focus on the "patina" of the dial of the vintage watch. This is rubbish!

Why do the experts ask us to fool ourselves?

Because the experts know from experience that there is no one out there to properly restore a vintage watch back to its original condition, like a Ferrari. That's why.

Why not wear a vintage watch that is in its original factory condition?

We think you should.

We think you can!

WatchArtExchange is one of the best kept secrets on the internet because we are so incredible.

Oftentimes, the manufacturer simply throws generic parts

at your watch because they can't restore your original parts, thereby bringing the authenticity of your watch into question. What you get back is a mosaic of your original watch and generic parts, essentially a Frankenwatch.

Yes, many times the actual manufacturer doesn't have the correct parts or the expertise and time to restore your watch correctly. Unbelievable!

The manufacturer makes money selling you a new watch, not restoring your old watch.

Rolex will not even attempt to repair or restore some vintage watches. It's

simply not profitable.

WatchArtExchange is the only company that we know of that can restore your vintage watch or any watch back to its original near factory condition. Period.

Don't believe us?

Try to restore your vintage watch anywhere else and learn the hard way.

We have experts that specialize in the movement of your watch.

We have experts that specialize in the dial of your watch.

We have experts that specialize in the case of your watch even using LASER technology.

We have experts that specialize in gold plating of your watch.

We have experts that specialize in making any watch band for you.

We are a complete watch company with over 20 years experience. We can literally do anything with watches.

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