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pre-owned watches in mint condition

Mint Condition = Near Factory Condition

Our watches look and feel Like New

Save a fortune over retail

Mint Condition = Near Factory Condition

Yes, our watches are like new.  Only you will know that you saved a fortune over retail.

Whether vintage or modern, WatchArtExchange offers the very best in watchmaking.

Ours Vs Theirs

We cost a little more, but we are worth so much more. 


Don't waste your money, only buy investment grade watches.


We offer 1 year Warranty. 


You're not buying a watch,  you're joining an exclusive club that will be there for you long after the sale.  We want you to make money from your watch,  and we have the knowledge and the means to do it.  No jewelry store can match us.


Start your collection today. 

Contact us for free advice.




Poor picture quality tries to hide imperfections. 

Look closely at the dial, crystal, hands, crown and case.

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