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WatchArtExchange: Our Mission

Updated: Jul 6

We at WatchArtExchange think of watches as money or a stock. As a matter of fact we call ourselves an Exchange. We are trying to build stable watch prices. We see watches as valuable property. Our mission is to protect your watch investment. No one else can do what we do.


Let me explain. When you buy a $10,000 or $50,000 watch, that is real money you are spending. When you try to sell that watch, you're lucky if you get 50% back. As a matter of fact, it's a common cliche that "you don't buy the watch as an investment, you buy it because you like it."

The watch manufacturers are very keen on having you pay top dollar for their goods, whether it's a Rolex, Patek, Vacheron, or an Audemars Piguet. The same manufacturers aren't really interested in the resale value, because they have already made their money.

Most high end watches are a status symbol. The businessman spends $15,000 on a Rolex so that he can get the $1,000,000 contract for his company. The luxury goods and fancy suits are just the cost of doing business.

WatchArtExchange is hoping to change this.

The luxury watch manufacturers make much money on the sale, but they actually lose money trying to repair or restore their watch. As a matter of fact, they lose a customer if they can repair or restore your watch.

Our mission is to safeguard your hard earned money. We want your watch to not only maintain its value, but increase its value.

Yes, we can make many watches like new again.

A watch in its original factory condition will command respect and have its highest value.

Imagine if you needed cash to invest in stocks or put an addition to your house, wouldn't it be nice to know that you could get your money back that you invested in your watch collection.

A dream?


Our rich friends often use expensive artwork for the same reason. For them a Picasso is like money in the bank. Why can't we recognize watches for what they are: desirable pieces of art that are valuable, like a Picasso or a Monet or a Rembrandt.

WatchArtExchange is in the business of helping you get the most out of your watch.

Yes for your personal pleasure, but also as a worthy investment. We do this by offering a complete watch company with world class restoration. We want you to profit from your investment. Your watch is the ultimate bitcoin. Your watch is private wealth that can be handed down through the generations.

Every day in our shop we take old beat up watches and give them new life. It is not uncommon to increase the value of any watch by ten fold. A beat up Rolex that is worth $1000 can miraculously be transformed into a $10,000 treasure. Look at our website for over 1200 examples. Look at our brief video below of actual restorations. Read our blogs.

Our goal is ambitious. We put our customer first. It's the only way. We have to convince you that we will partner with you to get the most out of your watch.

Our hope is to bring the "watch" to a new level of respect as a work of art:


In our hearts, we know this to be true.


Dr. Joe


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