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Dear Customer,

Thank you for visiting WatchArtExchange. You must have many questions. Hopefully what follows will answer most of your questions:


Isabella and I had breakfast at Balthasar in the city.  We hadn't really talked in years.  She opened up a little bit and told me about her job in private equity.  She said she was going to buy a Patek.  I asked her, what is that?  She said, a watch. I said how much. She said $30,000!  I almost fell off my chair. She told me, there are only a few ways that she could show status to her clients.

Isabella never bought that Patek, but she sent me on a fantastic journey into the Watch World.

Isabella was right, watches show status, but they are so much more. 

People have survived the ravages of war with the inherent value of a luxury watch.
Vintage watches are the ultimate bitcoin.  Each one is uniquely handmade, and they cannot be mass produced.  Their value has outpaced inflation and even the price of gold over time.

Most of us can't afford a Mona Lisa, but we can afford a beautiful watch.
There is something truly beautiful in a watch.  It will become your companion.
Our vintage watches were created by master watchmakers by hand.  Each one is slightly different and not machine made, unlike modern watches.   We painstakingly restore them to their original mint condition.  Step back in time, and adore it on your wrist.  No one else you know will own one, this is pretty much guaranteed, not in this pristine condition.

The Vintage Watch Industry Is plagued by unwearable broken watches with the label of "Original."  These unscrupulous sellers don't have the means to perform world class repairs.  Before wasting good money on those watches, take a closer look at our watches.  Love to hear from you!

Many of our watches have undergone $1000 to $2000 worth of restoration by our master watchmakers with years of experience.  You won't find any of our vintage watches in our mint condition anywhere else in the world at any price, period, or your money back!


Love you Isabella