An Interview with WatchArtExchange

Buying an investment grade timepiece can be a risky and expensive proposition. 

Why take a risk with unscrupulous sellers with "similar" but "different" merchandise? 

WatchArtExchange (WAE)

WAE:  We Are Excellence 

WAE is in the business of making money for our clients!

Vintage watches have been plagued by amateur restoration. The main watch companies shun restoration because it is too expensive and much more money can be made selling new ones. 

WAE has solved this problem by hiring master watchmakers and doing complete restorations in house.

Vintage watches are stuck at low valuations because of their condition. Rolex has proven that a vintage watch that sold for $200 in 1950 is worth $20,000 today, far outpacing gold!

Vintage watches are the best value in watches today,  and WAE is here to make that happen. 

  • Why do you call yourself an EXCHANGE?

We call ourselves an exchange because we consider watches an investment, like a stock.  Imagine if you owned 100 shares of Google as an investment.  We believe that you could own 100 vintage watches as an investment.  Vintage watches have appreciated more than the stock market, and that surprises people.  Our vintage watches are over 50 years old.  Will Google still be here in 50 years?  Google was founded in 1998, it is only 22 years old! 


Vintage watches are not meant to replace your stock portfolio, but traditionally, owning art has been a good hedge against inflation. Vintage Rolex as an example, has far outpaced inflation and the stock market. We offer a Rolex Submariner that cost $2000 in 1972 and is valued over $30,000 in 2020.


Our Exchange offers a platform for buyers and sellers.  Our main focus is restoration, which no one else can match.  By having your watch restored by us, you can double or triple it's value.  No one else offers this empowerment.

  • Why do you call yourself a WHOLESALER?

WatchArtExchange is in it for the long haul.  We are essentially giving our service away for free.  You can buy and relist the same watch with us for free, for 1 year.  You can restore and list your watch with us for free for 1 year.  Our idea is new, and we are focused on market share and expanding the Exchange. 

  • Why BUY FROM US?

Our watches, if you look closely, have no comparison.  Each watch is meticulously restored to pristine condition.  This costs time and money.  On average each one of our vintage watches require $1000 to $2000 worth of restoration.  This level of restoration is not available anywhere else.  You literally have to see it to believe it.  Our customers are transported in time to a bygone era and will experience a pristine condition vintage watch on their wrist. 

Our watches are not for everyone. Our watches are for those who appreciate history and demand the very best in vintage horology. 


WatchArtExchange offers a platform to maximize the return on your watch investment. We allow the immediate relisting of your purchased timepiece. We offer restoration, which no one else can, of your timepiece to maximize your profit.


Our photos, our SEO, and our entire team is dedicated to you to maximize your profit.  We eliminate the middleman. 

  • What do you mean INVEST WITH WAE?

Owning a watch is a very personal experience.  Once a watch is purchased, the contract with your jewelry store is complete.  Yes, in many cases you can bring your watch back and trade it in, but usually at a big loss. 


WatchArtExchange was invented to give your watch the respect it deserves. Your watch is a valuable investment and we are in the business of eliminating the middleman and putting you in charge. Not only can you return your watch for sale, but with our added restoration process, you stand to make a profit and not a loss.


Vintage watches have been outpacing their new counterpart for many years for a multitude of reasons.  The biggest reason vintage watches rise in value is that they, like gold, are extremely rare.  WatchArtExchange Certified Watches are the rarest of them all.