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pre-owned watches in mint condition

Mint Condition = Near Factory Condition

Our watches look and feel Like New

Save a fortune over retail



WatchArtExchange offers the very best in watchmaking:  our watches are in mint condition.


When you take your Rolex, Patek or Omega to your local jeweler for a trade in, he meticulously looks at every imperfection of your watch.  What you thought was worth $50,000 because that's what you paid for it, now has been whittled down to $5,000.




Because your $50,000 watch does not look or work like a brand new, factory condition watch.

If it had, you would command that $50,000 price you paid for it, maybe even more because of its rarity.


Yes, our watches cost a little more.  Truth is that they are way underpriced!

How much do you think a mint condition Rolex from 1950 should go for?

What about a mint condition Grand Seiko?

Both of these watches don't exist anywhere else.

Don't believe us?  Try to find one!


Yes, if you had a 1950 Rolex in an airtight box that was never worn, then it would look exactly like ours.  Then you would understand why the seller is asking not $5000 but instead $10,000 because his never worn perfectly stored watch does not exist in the marketplace.


You will not find our perfect vintage watches anywhere else. 

100% Authentic Guaranteed with Certificate

Yes, WAE



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