pre-owned watches in mint condition

Mint Condition = Near Factory Condition

Our watches look and feel Like New

Save a fortune over retail


WatchArtExchange offers the very best in watchmaking:  our watches are in mint condition.


When you take your Rolex, Patek or Omega to your local jeweler for a trade in, he meticulously looks at every imperfection of your watch.  What you thought was worth $50,000 because that's what you paid for it, now has been whittled down to $5,000.




Because your $50,000 watch does not look or work like a brand new, factory condition watch.

If it had, you would command that $50,000 price you paid for it, maybe even more because of its rarity.


Yes, our watches cost a little more.  Truth is that they are way underpriced!

How much do you think a mint condition Rolex from 1950 should go for?

What about a mint condition Grand Seiko?

Both of these watches don't exist anywhere else.

Don't believe us?  Try to find one!


Yes, if you had a 1950 Rolex in an airtight box that was never worn, then it would look exactly like ours.  Then you would understand why the seller is asking not $5000 but instead $10,000 because his never worn perfectly stored watch does not exist in the marketplace.  


This is our dilemma at WatchArtEXchange:  convincing our customers that they are buying the perfect watch.


Our prices are way below what they should be.

The watch you are buying is worth way more than what you are paying. 


Profit from the ignorance ... for now!